cement grinding aid

cement grinding aid



(1) Product description

Cement grinding aid is a special type of grinding aid, suitable for slag grinding alone to increase production. After the product was put into the market, it was well received by users.

(2) Product performance

1. Adding a proper amount of cement grinding aid may significantly improve the working conditions in the mill and increase the output of slag mill by 10%~20%; 2. Cement grinding aid is used to improve the activity of slag powder , can significantly improve the activity of mineral powder;

3. Cement grinding aid is suitable for closed-circuit grinding system and open-circuit grinding system;

4. Cement grinding aid can help the grinding of slag glass, eliminate electrostatic adsorption, and increase the specific surface area of ​​mineral powder. So as to achieve the effect of raising production and strengthening.

(3) Product use

1. Application scope: slag is ground separately; application scope

2. Addition amount: 0.1% of cement mass. Cement plant

(4) Precautions

1. This product should be stored in an airtight container to avoid sunlight and freezing;

2. When using it, the relevant process parameters of the grinding system must be adjusted properly;

3. TGA-5 requires that the comprehensive moisture content of the material should not exceed 3 %, the temperature of the material entering the mill should not exceed 140°C (note: if it exceeds 140, it can be diluted with water 1:3);

4. The shelf life of this product is 90 days; 5. The storage and use temperature of the product is -5°C~45°C.

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