Mineral powder grinding aid

Mineral powder grinding aid



1. Product Description

It is suitable for slag cement and slag powder. The dosage is 0.1%, and the activity can be increased by more than 10% in 7 days, and the activity can be increased by more than 15% in 28 days. It can optimize the performance of slag powder, increase product value, and improve enterprise efficiency.

2. Product composite effect

(1). , Increase the specific surface area and reduce the sieve allowance. Under the premise of not increasing the output, the specific surface area of ​​mineral powder can be increased by 50㎡/kg-130m/kg, and the sieve allowance can be reduced by 1%-2%.

(2). Improve the quality of mineral powder Users can increase the activity index of mineral powder and improve the quality of mineral powder without increasing the output of products.

3. Energy saving and efficiency enhancement

(1) Under the premise of keeping the original mineral powder parameters unchanged, the user can increase the output by more than 15% by using this grinding aid.

(2) When the user uses the grinding aid, the water content of the slag can be increased by 1%, the drying energy consumption can be reduced, and the production cost can be reduced.

(3) The grinding aid can reduce the air volume of the milling system, reduce the power consumption of ventilation, and reduce the production cost.

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