1 .Product description RN-A polycarboxylate high-performance superplasticizer is a new generation of high-performance superplasticizer developed by the company. After mixing this product, the concrete has high slump retention performance, basically no loss of slump within half an hour, and very little slump loss in 1H; at the same time, it has the characteristics of low admixture content, high water reducing rate, and small shrinkage.

2. After mixing this product, the fluidity of concrete can be greatly improved, so that the concrete can maintain the construction performance for a long time; at the same time, it can improve the workability and physical and mechanical properties of concrete, and improve the quality of the project. Product advantages Low dosage, high water reducing rate, small shrinkage; good compatibility with various cements, good slump retention of concrete; greatly improved early and late strength of concrete; low chloride ion content, Low weight reduction is beneficial to the durability of concrete. The production process of this product is non-polluting and does not contain formaldehyde. It complies with the ISO14000 environmental protection management national standard and is a green product.

3. The range of application is suitable for prefabricated and cast-in-place concrete, reinforced concrete and prestressed concrete in the construction of high-speed railways, passenger dedicated lines, industrial and civil buildings, railways, bridges, ports, airports and other projects; especially suitable for the long construction time of prepared concrete , Projects that require high concrete slump, such as nuclear power plant projects.

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